Youth Arts Management Fellowship

Youth Arts Management Fellowship

Over the past ten years, Southern Word has developed leading young writers and music producers through its programs. Through this Youth Arts Management Fellowship, Southern Word will begin preparing the next generation to manage and lead arts organizations. Five high school or college youth will complement their development as artists by learning the different facets of running a successful arts education nonprofit through training sessions with staff, teaching artists, and external experts.

Fellows will participate in weekly training and work sessions to develop their skill sets and contribute to Southern Word’s ongoing programs. Youth will meet for two hours each week to participate in a series of units that expose them to the administrative, fundraising, program, artistic, production, and promotional aspects of Southern Word.

These workshops will be complemented by showcases, workshops, activities, and events where youth will apply and demonstrate their learning. Topics covered within workshops include:

  • Event production and marketing
  • Artist development – writing, music production, and performance
  • Arts, education and mental health
  • Program administration
  • Building and facilitating a workshop
  • Marketing, communications, and fundraising
  • Accounting and finance
  • Capstone project and events

Program runs from September 2018 – May 2019 for 2 hours a week. Additionally, participants will engage in approximately 20 events, open mics, showcases, or activities over the course of the year. Youth are expected to make a commitment to the program for the duration of the school year.

  • Weekly Sessions: Meets at Nashville Public Library or McKendree Church in the afternoon or early evening.
  • Twice-A-Month Engagements: Meets at Nashville Public Library, Rocketown, or other to-be-determined locations. Will be communicated in advance of event or activity.


Youth will need to be able to reach Nashville Public Library at 615 Church St., McKendree Methodist Church at 523 Church St., and Rocketown at 601 4th Ave S. Fellows are responsible for providing their own transportation to all activities.

Classroom, studio, and office settings. Participants under 18 will need parental permission to share their work live and online.

If you are selected as a Youth Fellow, you will make $25 per two-hour workshop session or event. If engaged in all activities, fellows should anticipate earning between $1,000 and $1,250 over the course of the school year.

Youth applicants do not have to be artists, but should have a passion for supporting the arts and artists. Applicants should have the ability to complete assigned tasks responsibly, work with a team, give and receive feedback, follow through on commitments, communicate effectively, attend and participate in weekly training workshops as an engaged learner, and apply learning through activity and event execution. Applicants should have an interest in administrative work that can be both engaging and monotonous at times. We are looking for self-motivated, independent, productive workers with good interpersonal skills and the ability to work with diverse population, adapt to changing situations, and find solutions to challenges.

Please consider your transportation needs and availability prior to applying for the fellowship.

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