BMG and Southern Word launch Music Industry & Culture (M.I.C.) Fellowship

Fellowship Overview
Over the past twelve years, Southern Word has developed leading young writers and music producers through its in-school and out-of-school programs. Through our Youth Fellows program, we have been preparing youth to lead nonprofit organizations in addition to helping them develop and present their art.

In partnership with BMG, five (5) high school or college youth will be selected for a seven month fellowship learning the different facets of the music business and arts non-profit administration. Over the course of 24 weeks, fellows will convene for 2 hours each week to participate in a series of units that expose the youth to the administrative, fundraising, programmatic, artistic, production, and promotional aspects of Southern Word and BMG. This includes topics such as event production & promotion, arts education, artist promotion, radio promotion, marketing & communications, copyright & licensing, sync, pitch & placement, royalties, A & R, and finance. Fellows will also execute a series of workshops, open mics, showcases, and activities that apply and demonstrate their learning from the program. In addition to building skills as artists, youth will learn to create, manage, and market the projects they produce in a way that develops transferable skills for any career path.

Any Middle Tennessee youth interested, age 15 through 22 attending high school or college, should complete the application by Monday, December 07.


About Southern Word
Through the literary and performing arts, Southern Word offers creative solutions for youth to build literacy and presentation skills, reconnect to their education and to their lives, and act as leaders in the improvement of their communities. We are absolutely committed to providing youth, especially in underserved communities, with as many opportunities as possible to develop and publicly present their voices both live and in print, video, audio, and digital media.

About BMG
BMG is a new kind of music company for a new world. A new world which demands that deals are transparent and fair. A new world in which service to artists and writers is key. The only significant international company to combine publishing and recordings under one roof, our purpose is clear – to support your career and maximize your income.

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